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Every week I share with you seven websites with great resources or fantastic art to raise your knowledge and your gnosis. This week, a how to edition. Do as I say and not as I do, seriously. Magickal tools are always better when you spend the time and energy to make your own.

How to make a Tau Style Robe:   Good basic instructions that seem easy. I took the lazy way out and bought my robes off a nice seamstress on eBay, but I may use this if I want to make robes specific to a ritual.

How to Make A Knife From an Old File:   Peter J. Carroll provided similar instructions in one of his books but this has better explanation from someone who actually makes knives as a hobby. I have yet to try this because I lack access to a grinder, though I have heard you can grind by hand with a second file, oh so slowly.

How to Make a Book:   I keep my journal electronically, but this may be of interest to purists with an artistic bent.

How to Make Candles:    The next project on my bucket list, for no other reason than it’s relatively simple.

How to Make Incense:   I burn through a lot of incense. The only problem I see is that making it looks just as expensive as buying.

How to Paint a Carpet: and    This may seem an odd addition but it has the virtue of something I’ve actually done. I used advice from both sites. A permanent circle painted on a handy movable rug comes in damn handy. I have pictures to prove it.

Enochian/Goetic Supplies:   Sometimes what you need is beyond your ability. We all can’t be metal smiths. We all can’t etch glass. But apparently these folks can. I have never seen so many hard to find items collected in one place. Also, they sell kits, giving you the hard to obtain parts but letting you invest your own energy into it.

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