Roll of Thoth – Artwork

Every week I share with you seven websites with great resources or fantastic art to raise your knowledge and your gnosis.

I’ve been promising you art from the beginning  time to deliver. While I am a man of words, it is hard to deny that the realm of the subconscious the realm of magick, is a visual realm.

Iconomancy –    The new art and image tumblr blog from the Hermetic Library. How can you go wrong.

The Genius of Zos –    The art of Austin Osman Spare. Check the links for scans of his entire books.

Sigil –   A Polish language website with much art and crafty things. Google will translate it well enough.

Art Magick –   Not necessarily occult images, but 19th century paintings, many with occult themes.

LAShTAL –    The home of Aleister Crowley Society. It does much to promote the Beast’s artwork and other artists influenced by Thelema

Harold Arthur McNeil –   One of my favorite occult artists, also a musician but I am not familiar with his music. It’s hard to find one website with a breadth of his works. Also see –

John Coulthart –   Great art both commercial and fine (if there is a difference). I am for some reason drawn to his basic iconographic Major Arcana.


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