The Roll of Thoth

Every week I’ll share with you seven websites with great resources or fantastic art to raise your knowledge and your gnosis.

Aeclectic Tarot:   One of the best tarot resources.

Chaos Matrix:   Essentially a dead site, it still hosts some of the best resources on chaos magick.

Phil Hine:   One of the founders of chaos magick. You can download a free pdf copy of “Oven Ready Chaos.” Also check out his new blog

Sacred Texts:   A collection of sacred writings from all religions.

Scarlet Imprint:   While I’m pushing it call the site itself a “resource,” Scarlet Imprint makes the most exciting books published about magick today.

The Wild Hunt:   A blog with interesting pagan perspectives on a host of topics.

Zap Oracle:   Homepage of Jonathan Zap, a leading thinker on divination and escatology.

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