In the last podcast, I mentioned a short story that I wrote about Odin returning to Earth. I think it will be of interest to those who wonder if the gods have changed along with our culture. To give you a sample of my fiction, I’m offering it as a free download to everyone on Kobo, and through the Scroll of Thoth mailing list.

Of Little Faith

The old gods are returning, or have they always been here?

Odin wakes to the call of a dying warrior, crying out to be taken to Valhalla. Roused from his centuries of slumber, he wanders the Earth until he finds gods old and new. Do they have the answers he seeks? How does an ancient god of war find his place in the modern world?

A musing on the nature of religion and spirituality. We may no longer need a patriarch, but do we need to rediscover our divinities?

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