SoT Ep4 Invocation

In this episode James and Colleen talk about invocation, what it is, how it’s practiced, the spirits involved, and adding it to your practice.

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People and things mentioned in the show:

Drawing Down the Moon, by Margot Adler

Good old Gerald Gardner, you should know who he is, and the Golden Dawn

Our friends at Anabasis Encampment OTO, and Frater Appollon GauVion’s excellent Youtube channel demonstrating many of the OTO rituals.

Janet & Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone are leading the charge in spiritual witchcraft

Loki’s Song,” by Mikal Hrafspa

Muse, on the Scroll of Thoth website

Suggested Reading

Drawing Down the Moon, by Margot Adler

Divine Horsemen, by Mara Deren

The Inner Mysteries: Progressive Witchcraft and Connection to the Divine, by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

Devoted, various contributors, by Scarlet Imprint

Colleen’s notes for the show


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