Scroll of Thoth Special – Mathew Venus

James talks with Mathew Venus of Spiritus Arcanum about St. Cyprian and working to help those who are victims of natural disasters.

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2 thoughts on “Scroll of Thoth Special – Mathew Venus

  1. I respect what is being said in the show. But witchcraft or paganism is not opposed to Christianity. It is the mind set of some people that they must control other people to the point of torture and death. Any group of religious people in the world has suffered more than there share of these individuals..

    1. I think the thing to remember is that no one speaks for witchcraft. There are some who are happy to work together with Christians, or are non-confrontational. But there certainly are many practitioners, myself included, who find the doctrine of Christianity–which supports genocide, slavery, and rape–to be anathema. Things can be nuanced. I have no desire to persecute Christians and am happy to live alongside them as long as they are not putting that doctrine into practice.

      Witchcraft itself has always been anti-establishment. It is the actions of those on the margins of the society. I recommend:

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