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The Gutter Bible: Gateway to Emergent Magick

A Postmodern Occult Paradigm

With Supplemental Material by Frater Zentra EL


What is received…

Found in Midtown Manhattan on June 21st, 2010, the Gutter Bible opens a doorway to entities beyond our scope of understanding. This book includes an exact reproduction of a true grimoire created in the modern age. A journal produced by a mind with a direct link to alien consciousness more real than any medieval constructions or author’s fancy.


Must still be earned…

Psychonauts of The Order of Emergent Magi have plumbed the depths of the Gutter Bible and returned with a unique magical system. Unlike previous magical paradigms, all of its revelations are the direct result of ritual. Emergent Magick (EMK) takes form through the essence of magick itself.


Scroll of Thoth Press

Scroll of Thoth presents the work of unique and talented practicing magicians, unlike anything produced by other publishers. We are honored to have the Gutter Bible as our first offering, and take pride in preserving this irreplaceable magical tome.




Selections from the Gutter Bible


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