Roll of Thoth – Call Forth the Gods Edition

Every week I share with you seven websites with great resources or fantastic art to raise your knowledge and your gnosis. This week, websites to help you brush up on your mythology.

As Pope Pete says, “It is easier to call down lightening, or quell a sea storm, via one’s concept of Thor or Poseidon, than it is by direct will alone.” Help yourself by building up an arsenal of mythological symbols, ready-made to interact with your subconscious and firmly entrenched in the collective.

I picked websites that are well-organized in order to facilitate research. In the future, I’ll probably pick some websites from a more devotee point of view. If you feel like some major religion was overlooked, tough titties, I’m just giving seven links.

Norse Mythology –

Greek Mythology –

Egyptian Mythology –

Irish/Celtic Mythology –

Japanese/Shinto Mythology –

Indian/Hindu Mythology –

The Whole Lot Put Together –  A website covering a multitude of mythology and folklore.

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