I subscribe to a good number of pagan news feeds. Almost all of them warn me of the impending Christian-right takeover. One particularly repugnant group being focused on lately, the New Apostolic Reformation, have made many inroads into government, and seek to go national with their chosen presidential candidate, Rick Perry. This doesn’t particularly alarm me, not that I want to live in a theocracy, only that it seems to be a natural extension of current political trends. 

       What makes me slap my face in sorrowful disbelief is the reaction. I never felt the need to move away from a friend before, until one of mine became a rabid atheist. What happened? I used to watch Fox News, just to keep tabs on what these ass-bags were up to. I remember ten years ago, when some blonde retarded Fox pundit would rail against the “liberal atheist agenda.” I would laugh my ass off. Atheist agenda? Atheists don’t have agendas. All the atheists I knew then were quite happy to go about their lives not believing, and not caring if you believed one way or the other. Not anymore.

       Sadly, the atheists now use the same tools as their enemy. They put up billboards. They attack people on the internet, calling in to question a person’s intelligence for believing in “invisible people.” What’s even worse, just like their enemies they use their beloved science for their own agendas. My one friend went out of her way to say she could disprove the existence of an historical Jesus. As if that was important. I tried to point out that science really can’t disprove anything. I went so far as to show the preponderance of historical documents verifying his existence. Nope, all of them were faulty. 

       Word to budding historians. When you find one piece of evidence for something and it has flaws, you don’t have good evidence. When you find several pieces of evidence and try to say all of them are flawed, you need to reevaluate.

       So as I see pagan faiths growing in the US and becoming more organized. As more and more communities host Pagan Pride days, and teach classes in public forums. I ask this, please do not use the tools of your enemy. Do not look for politicians because they are pagan. Do not seek to spread the word beyond those who ask. We need protection from religious persecution, but we do not need more converts. If you truly believe that everyone must reach enlightenment in their own way, you don’t go around saying how much better your way is. This especially goes for you Thelemites. You guys have been riding a line and need to be careful how wide you cast your nets.

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