Greed is the problem. I accept this as true. The evils of economic disparity, besides being unfair and the cause of misery, are bad for our economy as well. That those at the top are willing to take more than their fair share is indicative of a culture off the rails. But that’s only half the problem.

The more I practice magick the more I see things as created paradigms. If you ever wondered why the hell ceremonial magicians do all those repetitive rituals and spend hours in meditation, it’s this: it breaks down the walls of perception and assaults your preconceptions. You start seeing the truth, that world runs not on money, or gravity, or relativity; the world runs on magick.

Activists constantly blame the greedy executives when corporations pollute the environment, exploit workers, and influence our values. But they fail to recognize that these people are part of an institution created for the sole purpose of making money, and that it will, like any good egregore, fulfill its purpose. These are created entities with wills of their own and the ability to manifest them.

I’m not saying that those in charge should not be held accountable for their actions, but those actions were directed by malignant entities as dangerous as anything summoned by Solomon. As magicians we must recognize these entities as what they are, and lead the charge in combating them. Make no mistake, they are on the attack with a constant barrage of propaganda (we call it advertising now). We must recognize their logos as powerful sigils with the purpose of legitimizing their existence, planting them firmly in our reality.

Keep in mind, however, the warnings of Pope Pete (1), a magician must do everything possible on the physical plane before turning to magick. If the takeover of our minds and bodies by these corporate entities disturbs you, and it should, you need to be out there organizing and protesting. These things do make a difference.

I have one friend in particular who bemoans that protests don’t do any good. That’s utter nonsense. It is not a stretch to say that Occupy Wall Street determined the winner of our presidential elections. By giving us a vocabulary – the 99% vs. the 1% – the Democrats were able to paint the Republicans in simplistic terms that blamed them for our economic misery. In a way, OWS shifted the paradigm, the most powerful form of magick.

After you have done the groundwork, you should treat corporations no different than worst creatures from the Grimorium Verum. Summon them up, stuff them in triangles, slap them around. Make them the victims of your most vicious magical assaults. Use them as target practice. You may want to work with others, however, as these entities are large and powerful. Tackle them during your next circle. Join or organize a group like the Knights of Chaos. Feel free to contact me if you have a particularly loathsome corp you want to take down.

(1) Peter J. Carroll, father of chaos magic.

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